Support, Research and Administration Services (Post-Award)

SIRO provides administration of research funding received from external sponsors. Staff work with researchers when funding is received to customize proper accounting procedures to meet the sponsors’ needs and to assist faculty with funds management.


Account Management

  • Creating special invoicing
  • Developing financial reports
  • Managing risk (e.g. export controls, expenditure montoring, prior approvals, etc.)
  • Processing salary distributions and supplemental salary requests
  • Processing expenditures (e.g. eBuy orders, travel expense reports, etc.)
  • Providing account detail / summary reports
  • Reporting effort certification
  • Processing wage payroll
  • Cost share (e.g. monitoring commitments, reporting, etc.)


Award Closeout

  • Reviewing final expenditures
  • Managing final invoicing
  • Closing out subcontracts
  • Reporting and closing out final cost share
  • Submitting "Authorization to Close" form


Post-award staff also provide support specifically for user facilities within the Materials Research Institute (MRI), the Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment (IEE), and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences using the Research Instrumentation Management System (RIMS), a reservation management and billing function tool for university user facilities.


Additional Resources

  • Academic Research Services (ARSO)

Visit the Research Instrumentation Management System resources website to access forms and instruction sheets. Please direct SIRO-related academic research services questions to Amy Davis, Financial Assistant (RIMS Specialist).


If you are seeking additional resources for managing your award, please visit the Office of Sponsored Programs post-award website.