Add a Flight to an Approved Project Flight Request

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Additional flights can be added if the date falls within the end date range of the original Project Flight request. If the project needs to be extended further, you will need to clone the project and re-submit. Add “extension request to [name of original project]” to the comments field of the flight request so the UA Operations Team is aware the request is an extension to an existing already approved request.

To add a flight(s) to an approved project request, follow these steps.

1. Select the Manage Projects & File Project Flights button.

2. Find the desired project by either using the Search feature under Manage Projects or just scrolling to the project on the page and select Add Flight.

Only certain fields willbe available to edit. Refer to the last column of the Project Flight and Non-Project Flight Field Comparison Chart. If your flight includes a different location, you will need to submit a new flight request. Remember, you can use the Clone Project feature. To do so, navigate back to the original project flight request and select Clone Project.If flying

3. All flight requests under an approved flight project are automatically approved and an email notice is sent to the local UAS Point of Contact.