Manage Aircrafts

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The Manage Aircrafts page allows the user to add aircraft for use within the system or edit their existing aircraft.  Follow the instructions below to manage your aircraft. For more guidance, view the Managing Aircrafts video.

Managing Aircrafts

  • Click on the Manage Aircrafts button from the home page.
  • Check to see if your aircraft has already been added to the system by typing the FAA registration number into the Search by Manufacturer, Model, FAA #, Owner’s Name or Nickname field. Other search options may not work as well, especially if you are not certain how it was added into the system so the FAA registration number is the quickest way to determine whether the vehicle(s) has already been added.

Vehicles will only be displayed if you are listed as the responsible party. If you previously submitted a request and received approval before the online system was implemented, the vehicle has likely already been added, but you just may not be able to see it. Please email to be listed as the responsible party or you may add their aircraft on your own, listing yourself as the responsible party. Please make sure you email to report any new aircraft that has not been previously added to the fleet of insured vehicles. We do not receive notifications when new vehicles are added to the system so this is important to ensure the vehicle gets proper insurance. 

  • To add an aircraft, select the + icon to bring up the “Register an Aircraft” page.


The Registering an Aircraft page includes the following sections:

  • Manufacturer: company that the drone was produced from. Aircraft built from kits or parts may use the manufacturer of the kit or the campus/department that built the aircraft. 
  • Model: type or model as named by the manufacturer. Aircraft built from kits or parts may use the model name of the kit or a short description.
  • FAA Registration Number: number assigned by the FAA when the aircraft is registered to the FAA Database. Penn State purchased and owned vehicles should follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Registering a UA with the FAA. Aircraft that are operated exclusively indoors do not require FAA registration, but you should type “indoors only” in the FAA registration field.
  • Storage Location: response does not need to be specific, “cabinet” or some other non-descriptive field is sufficient.
  • Campus owned: Select "yes" if the aircraft is owned by Penn State, select "no" if the aircraft is a personal UAS.

Penn State personnel may not use a personally owned drone on University property or for University-affiliated activities; the UAS must be owned by the University.

  • Nickname: may include when the vehicle was added to the fleet of insured (entered by the UA Operations team). Do not change the date or add in a date. This should be done by the UA Operations team only.
  • Attachments: upload a copy of the UA registration card and insurance questionnaire if the vehicle is being reported to the UA Operations team for the first time.
  • Responsible Person: person designated with handling the aircraft when issues arise. The responsible person may be edited at any time.


Edit an Aircraft

To edit an aircraft, select the name of the aircraft to bring up the “Register an Aircraft” page prepopulated with the aircraft’s information.

Only the responsible person for the aircraft may make edits.

Managing Aircraft Workflow

The workflow below depicts the process of managing an aircraft in the system.

Picture of Manage Aircraft workflow