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Ronald J. Huss

  • Director

Charmayne L. Bair

  • Grants and Contracts Administrator

Deborah J Barger

  • Administrative Support Assistant

Mary Ann Blair

  • Contracts Coordinator

William Gowen

  • Senior Technology Licensing Officer

Ruth Harpster

  • Intellectual Property Associate

Katherine P. Kresovich

  • Administrative Support Coordinator 4

Raelene Mellott

  • Accountant 2

David Sadowski

  • Senior Technology Licensing Officer

Matthew D. Smith

  • Senior Technology Licensing Officer

Lidia Sobkow

  • Technology Licensing Officer

Bradley Swope

  • Senior Technology Licensing Officer

Office of Technology Management

113 Technology Center Building, University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-865-6277 •

Penn State significantly changed its approach to managing intellectual property resulting from industry-sponsored research effective July 1st, 2012, after an analysis revealed current procedures were not benefiting the University and, in fact, may even have been hindering research opportunities.  With this new approach, a company sponsoring research has the option to request ownership of Intellectual Property (IP) resulting from a sponsored project.  Some key points to Penn State's approach to Industry-Sponsored Research IP include:

  • Penn State will not seek to retain ownership of  IP.
  • Penn State will assign IP to sponsor upon request.
  • Penn State has the right to publish research results.
  • Penn State has the right to practice IP for research and educational purposes.
  • If Penn State research results lead to exceptional commercial success, sponsor agrees to share proportionally with Penn State.
  • Exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis.

In the event University background IP is required to practice newly developed IP, Penn State will negotiate an option or license to the background IP to the extent such rights are available.

Information for Penn State and Industry

About the Office of Technology Management


Our mission is to protect Penn State intellectual property, identify its commercial potential, and stimulate economic development through the transfer of Penn State technologies to the marketplace.


Our goal is to commercialize new products and services through the transfer of Penn State technologies to existing and start-up companies.

Services for Penn State

  • Market Penn State intellectual property to companies interested in new product development.
  • Provide training and counseling on confidentiality, University patent and copyright policies, and procedures.
  • Provide invention disclosure forms for faculty, graduate students and staff to initiate our invention screening process.
  • Assess the value of patent protection and, if appropriate, file patent applications at no cost to the inventor.
  • Prepare and negotiate confidentiality agreements, material transfer options, and licensing agreements with interested companies.

Services for Industry

  • Listen to your needs and discover Penn State licensable technologies that your company can utilize.
  • Screen inventions and discoveries made in University facilities for patentability, commercial potential, and general marketability.
  • Review and update lists of licensable technologies and patents issued, and post on our Web site each quarter.
  • Negotiate licensing arrangements.