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Vice President for Research

NSF supports new global partnerships in research and education through PIRE program

Penn State receives $5M award to focus on the science of language learning for education.

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Penn State partners with Alstom to establish Microgrid Center of Excellence

Will help advance the development of microgrid technologies as part of The Navy Yard’s grid modernization project.

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Penn State researchers explore the future of augmentative communication

Dr. Janice Light receives $5M award to enhance communication for children and adults who rely on alternative communication.

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  • Example #4: Different Animation Options w/ AutoPlay
    outputElementId: 'siteFeature',
    txtBoxIdPrefix: 'txtBox', 
    imgBgIdPrefix: 'imgBg',
    tabIdPrefix: 'tab',
    titleText: 'h3',
    containerWidth: '505px',
    containerHeight: '265px',
    imgWidth: '490px',
    tabsLocation: 'left',
    tabBgImg: '/images/arrow-left.png', // relative path for Image used as Highlighted Tab background (ie: the arrow)
    tabBgImgIE6: '/images/arrow-left.gif', // relative path for Image used by IE6 (to prevent PNG alpha issues). Leave blank ('') or set to null to uses the same image (and to teach IE6 users a lesson).	
    tabControl: 'click', // click or hover
    txtBoxWidth: '185px',
    txtBoxHorizontalHeight: '90px',
    txtBoxOpacity: 0.5,
    activeTabIsLink: true, // determines if the the Highlighted Tab is a link to said Tab's default destination (the original href)
    activeWindowIsLink: true, // determines if the current ImageBackground and TextBox are links to the Tab's default destination (the original href)
    animateInOnLoad: true,
    txtBoxAnimateInType: 'slideLeft', //  'blink', 'fade', 'slideUp', 'slideDown', 'slideLeft', 'slideRight'
    txtBoxAnimateOutType: 'slideRight',
    txtBoxAnimateHorzAlt: true, // allows horizontal txtBoxes to animate in/out differently
    txtBoxAnimateInHorzType: 'slideUp',
    txtBoxAnimateOutHorzType: 'slideDown',
    txtBoxAnimateInDuration: 500,
    txtBoxAnimateOutDuration: 500,
    txtBoxPauseBetweenInOut: 250,
    imgBgsAnimateInDuration: 500,
    imgBgsAnimateOutDuration: 500,
    tabsAnimateInDuration: 100,
    tabsAnimateWidth: '+=20', // sets the relative pixel width difference to be animated (to reveal the arrow)
    autoPlay: true,
    autoPlayInterval: 8000,
    pauseOnHover: true,
    endCreateFunction: null

Home of Penn State research featuring information on industry-sponsored research, technology transfer, patents and licensing, funding opportunities and awards, research protections, and University research centers, initiatives, institutes and labs.

The research support offices within the Office of the Vice President for Research at Penn State are available to:
  • assist faculty and staff with patents, funding opportunities and awards, and research protections
  • connect industry to University researchers
  • protect and license University technologies
Research|Penn State

Learn about the diversity and drama of Penn State's $805-million-a-year research program.

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Engage in the work of the CBEI to reduce energy consumption in the commercial building sector.

Interdisciplinary Research

Penn State has exceptionally strong interdisciplinary research efforts, focused by independently administered units whose activities cut across college boundaries.

Materials Research Institute
Materials Research Institute

Institutes of Energy and the Environment
Institutes of Energy and the Environment

Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences
Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Clinical & Translational Science Institute
Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Social Science Research Institute
Social Science Research Institute

Institute for CyberScience
Institute for CyberScience

Institute for the Arts and Humanities
Institute for the Arts and Humanities

Animal Resource Program

Defense-Related Research

Applied Research Laboratory

Electro-Optics Center
Electro-Optics Center

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