Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Welcome postdoctoral scholars, fellows, and families! The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs seeks to enhance the postdoctoral experience through in-depth career and professional development. We are committed to preparing emergent leaders in academia, diversifying the professoriate, enriching faculty mentorship, and supporting alternate career pathways. This mission is an active partnership with the community at large, within and beyond our campus. Our collaboration contributes to a productive and meaningful chapter of life here at Penn State. Wishing you all the best!

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Events & Professional Development

Mar 22
8:30 AM

Looking for help with grant writing? This seminar addresses the practical, conceptual, and rhetorical aspects of writing competitive...

Apr 19
12:00 PM

Join us for lunch, discussion, breakout sessions, and a keynote talk by Dr. Leah Hollis on bullying in academia. This program is led as a...

Eric J. Barron Innovation Hub, 123 S. Burrowes St., 6th floor
May 16
3:00 PM

Join Dr. Joy Gayles for a special program on tenure and time management.  This workshop is brought to you by a partnership between the...

Jun 07
2:00 PM

Join fellow postdocs for expert consultation (including Todd Erdley of Ben Frank Technology Partners) as well as coffee/tea,...

HUB-Robeson Center, 233 AB