Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The IACUC is a standing committee at The Pennsylvania State University that oversees and evaluates all aspects of the University's animal care and use program. The Committee’s composition and responsibilities regarding animal research are mandated by the Animal Welfare Act (Public Law 99-198). For consistency and transparency, the IACUC follows specific policies, guidelines, & SOPs when making determinations about animal research. Researchers at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Penn State College of Medicine should access information about their IACUC on the Infonet. This website is for the IACUC that serves University Park and all Commonwealth campuses except Hershey.

News and Announcements  

Read important information about maintaining rodent breeding coloniesBe sure to maintain records of colony counts beginning with first handling.


Penn State has been AAALACi accredited since February 13, 2001. This is a voluntary accreditation that demonstrates commitment to excellence to animal care and use programs. The accreditation process involves triennial site visits. Penn State agricultural programs are also AAALACi accrediteAAALAC.jpgd. See AAALACi’s website for more information about the accreditation process. 

Committee Composition

By federal law, the IACUC must be composed of, at a minimum, five members with the following qualifications:

  1. An IACUC Chairperson
  2. A doctor of veterinary medicine
  3. An individual not affiliated with the institution, representing the community
  4. A practicing scientist experienced in animal research
  5. A member whose primary concerns are nonscientific.

If you are interested in serving on Penn State University's IACUC, please contact the Office for Research Protections at


Resources and Training

Learn about how to submit to the IACUC and answer your questions about preparing submissions, required training, site visits, and CATS IACUC by reviewing our guides, videos, and training requirements. 

For assistance with pain categorization, refer to the examples listed here.

Submitting to the IACUC

New IACUC applications and triennial renewals must be submitted through CATS (Centralized Application Tracking System) IACUC. For triennial renewals moving from PRAMS to CATS IACUC, the current PRAMS protocol number will be maintained. Principal investigators of these protocols will receive communication from the IACUC Program 90 days prior to the submission deadline.



See below for links to templates to assist with IACUC submissions and review.

Controlled Substance Receipt Log
Dispensed Drug Log
Expired Drug Log
Sample Breeding Record




Submissions that have completed pre-review by Thursday at 5:00 p.m. will be sent to the entire committee for review. This 10-day review period ends when the protocols are assigned to Designated Member Review (DMR) or Full Committee Review (FCR) the day of the conference call. The IACUC conducts a conference call every Monday (or Tuesday in case of a holiday); after the call, if a protocol is not called to FCR by any member of the IACUC, the Chair assigns each protocol to a designated reviewer. The IACUC does not and cannot review and approve submissions during the conference call; the call is for discussion of concerns and assignment of reviewers only.


IACUC Feedback