IACUC Policies, Guidelines & SOPS

Penn State Policies

RP02 - Addressing Allegations of Research Misconduct 

RP04 - Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals

RP13- Use of Controlled Substances in Research

IACUC Guidelines

IACUC Policies

IACUC Standard Operating Procedures 

The following SOPs are intended for Principal Investigators who are developing or conducting protocols that involve any of the specified procedures. Specific names and locations have been redacted in the web versions of the SOPs. Versions without redactions can be requested from the Office for Research Protections after IACUC protocol approval. Send your request to ORP-IACUC@psu.edu. Please be sure to provide your name, PSU access id (abc123), e-mail address, approved IACUC protocol number and which SOP(s) you need.