**At this time all trainings and workshops will be offered via Zoom. Attend any SARI event at the scheduled time using this Zoom meeting link. Read about the ORP's response to COVID-19 here.**







Zoom Trainings

The trainings in this section are intended to help researchers prepare to submit their studies to the appropriate research compliance program, such as the IRB or IACUC.  We also offer more in-depth training on specific topics.  Please note: If a training offers SARI credit, it will be noted in the training description in the sign-up form.  Please see the Education Workshops and Events page for more educational offerings.   


Required Training

Most research compliance programs have required training that must be completed prior to engaging in activities related to that particular oversight area. Information about required training can be found on the program links below. Many of the required trainings are in CITI. Use the CITI decision-making tool to determine which training is required for your activity.

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More Education


SARI: Responsible Conduct of Research

Researchers and all graduate students are also required to engage in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) education by fulfilling the Scholarship and Research Integrity (SARI) requirements, which may include taking a course in CITI. Visit the SARI page for information about SARI requirements.


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