SARI Tracking & Plan Development

Tracking for SARI

SARI is tracked as a Milestone in LionPath. Graduate program administrators are responsible for keeping track of students’ progress for fulfilling their SARI requirements in LionPath. See the full list of resources about tracking SARI in LionPath at the SARI Milestones Helpful Information wiki. Authenticate with your home organization by searching for "Penn State" and then clicking "select." Note: attendance at an ORP-sponsored SARI event is automatically recorded in LionPath by the ORP.

For step-by-step instructions on how to track SARI Milestones in LionPATH, refer to this guide

Tracking for Doctoral Students

Once completed in a master’s program, students do not need to fulfill SARI requirements again for their Ph.D program. However, students conducting human or animal research must renew their CITI training every 3 years. SARI requirements can be marked “complete” in LionPath and "how attempted" should be marked as “filed petition” in the drop down box.

SARI Program Plan Development

See below for information and tools for planning a SARI @ PSU educational program:


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