NDA Decision Tree

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), also known as confidentiality agreements, proprietary information disclosure agreements, and secrecy agreements, are entered into for a variety of reasons. Please follow the appropriate path below to make sure you are working with the correct office and utilizing the correct form set.

View an informational video about NDAs by clicking here.

1.    Are you a faculty member working with a company on a joint proposal or having preliminary discussions regarding a potential research collaboration? Please click here for more information on how an NDA can be implemented to protect one or both parties' confidential information.

2.    Are you a university researcher trying to license an existing PSU technology (e.g., technology described in an invention disclosure)? Please contact the Office of Technology Management (OTM) prior to sharing any unpublished information with a potential licensee. OTM will work with you to put an appropriate NDA in place.

3.    Does your College/Unit have an undergraduate or MBA student who will be working with a company on a senior design or similar class project? In most cases, it shouldn't be necessary to enter into an NDA to pursue such projects, but Penn State has a standard template for use when companies need to share confidential information with students. More information can be found here.