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Welcome to the Animal Resource Program

The Animal Resource Program (ARP) provides the Penn State University Park campus with high quality animal care services and facilities to improve animal research and ensure the health, well-being and humane treatment of animals used in research and teaching at the University.

Follow these links for information on  Mouse and Rat Biomethodology, Mouse Breeding Colony ManagementAseptic Technique and General Surgery Training classes and Animal Hazard Safety Training.

In addition to housing facilities and animal husbandry services for animals used in biomedical research on the University Park campus, ARP provides veterinary clinical and diagnostic services, education and training of research personnel and collaborative expertise in laboratory animal, agricultural and wildlife technology and medicine. ARP veterinarians and technicians are available to support research investigators in many areas including anesthesia, surgery, and pathology. The ARP also provides veterinary oversight of agricultural animal facilities and wildlife used in research and teaching at Penn State. The PSU ARP does not provide support or other services for the Penn State Hershey College of Medicine.

All laboratory animal facilities on the University Park campus are managed by the ARP. In addition, ARP personnel coordinate animal purchasing and shipping, provide routine and emergency veterinary care, veterinary review of experimental protocols and health surveillance and disease prevention services. Penn State animal facilities associated with the University Park campus are accredited with AAALAC International. Information for new investigators on acquiring and using animals at PSU may be found on the Animal Care Services page.

This website does not contain information pertaining to the husbandry and management of livestock or wildlife species housed in facilities maintained by the College of Agriculture. Please refer to the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals Used in Agricultural Research and Teaching, 4th edition or resources related to the Penn State College of Agriculture for information on animal species used in agricultural research.

The information presented on the ARP website is intended as a resource for Pennsylvania State University research investigators. No guarantee of efficacy or safety is made nor must information obtained from this site be substituted for professional veterinary advice.