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Issuing Subawards and Subcontracts Overview

  • The first step in the subcontracting process is completion of the Subcontract/Subaward Request Form in coordination with your college/unit Contracts and Grants office or Financial Officer. The form and any necessary backup materials are then forwarded to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), which will prepare and issue the subcontract/subaward (subagreement).
  • Prior to issuing the subagreement, OSP may perform a risk assessment in order to determine the subrecipient's capacity to properly manage the funds (i.e., review a copy of an independently audited financial statement or Single Audit Report).The subrecipient risk assessment process is illustrated in the Risk Assessment Flowchart
  • Refer to GURU policy RA80 for procedures related to the administration of subcontracts and subawards, respectively.
  • Upon full execution, it is the college/unit and Principal Investigator’s responsibility to manage the subagreement.  The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for monitoring the subrecipient’s progress and approval of invoices to ensure the costs are appropriate and commensurate with the work performed.  The PI is responsible for signing the Technical Release form accepting final deliverable and technical performance.
  • Following completion of the subagreement, OSP is responsible for the final review and analysis of costs incurred against the subagreement and for obtaining all required closeout documents.
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The Office of Sponsored Programs provides central coordination and oversight of all research awards that come into Penn State.
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The Office of Research Accounting is responsible for invoicing sponsored projects in a timely, efficient, and accurate manner.
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The Science and Engineering Research Expenditure Rankings for FY14 were released November 2015. This report identifies Penn State's rankings in S&E research fields and subfields. This data is based on an expenditure survey conducted each year by the National Science Foundation. Survey data from prior years can be found here.

The Annual Report of Research Activity charts sources of research funding, research expenditures, and the research activity of the interdisciplinary and technology transfer units.