Cost Sharing/Matching

Some sponsors identify cost sharing (or matching) requirements in their solicitations or proposal guidelines. This means that Penn State (or some third party) must provide some level of support for a project as a condition of receiving additional support from the sponsor. It is important to begin the process of securing cost-sharing commitments long before a proposal is due. It is also crucial to document all cost share during the life of the project. If Penn State cannot demonstrate that it has met its cost sharing obligations, sponsors may ask for some or all of their funding to be returned.

Cost Share Policies and Guidelines

Cost Sharing FAQ

Cost Share  (RA50)

Documentation of Cost Sharing (RAG50)

Third Party Cost Share Commitment Letter

Third Party Cost Share Commitment Confirmation

Coordination Process for Matching Funds and Other University Contributions to Multi-Unit Proposals (RAG53)

Request Central Match

Matching Funds Procedures

Central Matching Funds Program for Research Assistantships/Traineeships (RAG52) 

Matching Funds Request - Assistantship

Central Matching Funds Program for Research Equipment (RAG51)

Matching Funds Request - Equipment

Matching Funds Request - Other

Matching Funds M-Code, Procedure CR2074