Hosted by The Energy Harvesting Society and Penn State at the Navy Yard, the 2nd annual conference will take place on Sept. 5-7, 2018.  

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The conference will feature plenary lectures, invited talks, and contributed talks. Please submit abstracts within the following topical areas:

  • Energy Harvesting (Piezoelectric, Inductive, Photovoltaic, Thermoelectric, Electrostatic, dielectric, radioactive, electrets, etc.)
  • Energy Storage (Supercapacitors, Batteries, fuel cells, microbial cells, etc.)
  • Applications (Structural and Industrial Health Monitoring, Human Body Network, Wireless Sensor Nodes, telemetry, personal power, etc.)
  • Emerging Energy Harvesting Technologies (perovskite solar cells, shape memory engines, CNT textiles, thermomagnetics, bio-based processes, etc.)
  • Energy management, transmission and distribution; Energy efficient electronics for energy harvesters and distribution
  • Fluid-flow energy harvesting
  • Solar – thermal converters
  • Multi-junction energy harvesting systems
  • Wireless power transfer
  • Net-zero platforms
  • Other related topics

Deadline to submit abstracts: July 15, 2018.

For the initial "Quick Decision" deadline, the program committee will evaluate the first wave of abstracts and decisions have been provided.  Those submitting under the July 15 deadline will have decisions by July 30.  Accepted abstracts will be selected for either oral or poster presentations.

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Confirmed Speakers

Visiting Assistant Professor City University of Hong Kong
My research is focused on the prediction and evaluation of structure-property-processing relations in solid state functional materials using in situ and time-resolved characterization techniques. The... Read full bio
Talk Title: Design of new Pb-free relaxors based on physicochemical effects of various atomic substitutions
Piezoelectric materials are of great importance in many modern technologies, including precision actuators, impact and load sensors, sonar, medical diagnostic imaging and energy harvesting. Large... Read full abstract
Group Leader Institut für Physikalische Chemie und Elektrochemie der Leibniz Universität Hannover
Research topics: Energy harvesting, thermoelectric materials and generators, mixed ionic and electronic conductors, energy harvesting, material microstructure and functional properties Analytical... Read full bio
Talk Title: Triple-phase ceramic nanocomposite with enhanced thermoelectric power factor
"Sol-gel process was used to produce heavily doped misfit-layered cobaltate Ca3Co4O9 [1], which by subsequent heat treatment in suitable atmosphere self-assembled into 2D nanocomposite as... Read full abstract
Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Multiferroics, Ferroelectrics and Piezoelectrics Here, we are studying the devices and materials based on oxides, such as ferroelectric and/or multiferroic oxides, piezoelectric materials as well as... Read full bio
Headshot of Aylin Yener
Dean's Fellow, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Penn State University
Dr. Yener has been the principal investigator on numerous grants from the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense. Her research interests are in networked systems, in particular... Read full bio
Penn State
Thermoelectric materials and modules for wearable devices utilizing human body heat
"A thermoelectric (TE) generator generates electrical power based on Seebeck effect which can utilize human body as heat source. Such a generator could be used powering small electronics or... Read full abstract
Founder & CEO, Managing Member, Alternative Energy Group
As Founder & CEO of Alternative Energy Development Group & SolarSense LLC, Chris also serves as the Managing Member of 45+ operating energy Project Company LLC's, and the Managing Member... Read full bio
Headshot of Christopher Mullen
Mechanical Engineer at US Army CERDEC CP&I
Research Interests: Design optimization of electromagnetic alternators for vibration energy harvesting applications, electric motor design, finite element analysis, topology optimization
Talk Title: Experimental Verification of a Transient Finite Element Simulation for an Energy Harvesting Electromechanical Transducer
The US Army utilizes finite element analysis to both prevent interference of magnetic fields in competing equipment as well as for optimization purposes. Energy harvesting devices have been... Read full abstract
Headshot of Clive Randall
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Director of Materials Research Institute, Penn State University
Clive A. Randall is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and the Director of Materials Research Institute at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA. He was... Read full bio
Research Associate, Virginia Tech
Talk Title: Highly Stable Organo-Lead Halide Perovskites Synthesized Through Green Self-Assembly Process
The organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have attracted tremendous attention in both academic and industrial community. Unprecedented progress has been obtained in improving their... Read full abstract
Assoc. Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dr Vashaee is an expert in superlattices and nanostructured materials for energy conversion and sensing applications. In the past, he has contributed to the development of several key thermoelectric... Read full bio
Headshot of Deirdre O'Carroll
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
The O’Carroll Research Group is focused on nanoscale engineering of the efficiency and direction of light generating and light harvesting processes in photonic devices which employ organic polymeric... Read full bio
Professor, North Carolina A&T State University
Kiel University
Talk Title: MEMS Energy Harvester with solidified powder magnet
"Miniaturized power supplies are an important building block for the realization of next generation mobile sensor applications. The work presented here focuses on a bulk micromachined energy... Read full abstract
CEO, QorTek
Gareth received his PhD from Kings College Cambridge. Previously he was CTO for EMF Industries and before that Lab Head of Dynamics and Control R&D at Northrop Grumman while simultaneously... Read full bio
Associate Professor, Harold O. and Jane C. Massey Neff Professorship in Mechanical Engineering, Kansas State University
Research Singh runs the NanoScience and Engineering Lab. He works in the area of nanotechnology with a focus on processing-structure-property characterization of two-dimensional materials and... Read full bio
Professor, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland
Takeuchi's research interests include: Applications of combinatorial synthesis and characterization methodology to electronic, magnetic and smart materials; fabrication and characterization of... Read full bio
Talk Title: Elastocaloric cooling: mechanisms, materials, and systems
We are developing elastocaloric/thermoelastic cooling devices based on latent heat generated and absorbed during the stress-induced martensitic transformation of a shape memory alloys (SMAs).... Read full abstract
Jens Twiefel headshot.
Head of Piezoelectric and Ultrasonic Technology Research Group, Leibniz University of Hannover
Research interests include: Vibration Energy Harvesting Vibro-Impact-Processes Piezoelectric and Ultrasonic Motors and Transport Devices Ultrasonic Processes (Cavitation, Levitation, Welding)... Read full bio
Energy Harvesting Project Lead US Army CERDEC CP&ID Power Division
Ms. Julianne Douglas is the Energy Harvesting Technology Lead in the US Army Communications-Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC), Command, Power, and Integration... Read full bio
Virginia Tech
Talk Title: Quasi-Two-Dimensional Halide Perovskite Single Crystals
The robust material stability of the quasi-two-dimensional (quasi-2D) metal halide perovskites has opened the possibility for their usage instead of three-dimensional (3D) perovskites. Further,... Read full abstract
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Penn State
Dr. Uchino, a pioneer in piezoelectric actuators, is Director of International Center for Actuators and Transducers. He is also the founder and Senior VP & CTO of Micromechatronics, Inc. Prior to... Read full bio
"Energy harvesting from wasted or unused power has been the topic of discussion for a long time. This paper focuses on harvesting energy from mechanical vibrations using piezoelectric... Read full abstract
Director of Engineering, Energy Storage Systems at EnerSys
Responsible for technology and product development of energy storage systems for behind the meter utility applications and reserve power systems.
John D. Corbett Associate Professor of Chemistry, Iowa State University
Kirill studied chemistry and received Ph.D. at the Lomonosov Moscow State University with Prof. A. V. Shevelkov scrutinizing inverse clathrates. Afterwards he was tunneling between Max Planck... Read full bio
Talk Title: Structure and bonding in phosphide clathrate thermoelectrics
The phenomenon of thermoelectricity is attributed to the interconversion of thermal and electrical forms of energy. We developed a new class of bulk thermoelectric materials based on clathrates with... Read full abstract
Associate Professor, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley; Faculty Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Professor Lane W. Martin is an Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and a Faculty Scientist in the Materials Science Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Lane... Read full bio
Talk Title: Pyroelectric Energy Conversion – Overview and Demonstration of Novel Thermal-Energy Conversion
"The need for improved utilization of energy resources is abundantly clear. In the United States alone, we are unable to utilize between 60-70% of all energy produced (from all sources,... Read full abstract
Distinguished Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering, Binghamton University
The research of Whittingham's materials chemistry group includes the preparation and chemical and physical properties of novel inorganic oxide materials. Much of our effort is targeted at... Read full bio
Talk Title: Energy Storage for Energy Harvesting Applications
Effective energy storage is a critical component of any energy harvesting system. This presentation will focus on electrochemical approaches, with an emphasis on secondary lithium batteries. Lithium... Read full abstract
General Manager: Research & Development at Mintek
Dr Makhafola is currently the General Manager: Research & Development at Mintek. He worked as Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry at Technikon Northern Gauteng (now called Tshwane University of... Read full bio
Headshot of Marina S. Leite
Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Maryland
Research Interests: Solid-state physics, electronic devices, nanoscale resolution measurements, photovoltaics, energy storage, scanning probe microscopy, nanostructured materials, plasmonics,... Read full bio
Headshot of Mehmet Ozturk
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Deputy Director ASSIST Center, University of North Carolina
Research Focus: Physical Electronics, Photonics & Magnetics
Chair in Mechanical Engineering, University of Exeter
Meiling Zhu is the Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Exeter, where she focuses on a research theme of energy harvesting, power management and wireless sensing. She... Read full bio
J. Byron Maupin Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Director of the I/UCRC Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems, Virginia Tech
Muhammad Hajj is a Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM) and the Director of the I/UCRC Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems (CEHMS). Dr. Muhammad R. Hajj joined the... Read full bio
Talk Title: Identification of nonlinear piezoelectric coefficients
"Attention to piezoelectric materials has increased dramatically in recent years. This interest rises from the potential for their use in many applications for various objectives. They have been... Read full abstract
Headshot of Nathan Sharpe
Mechanical Engineer at US Army CERDEC CP&I
Talk Title: Appreciating the Ambient: Considering the Energy Harvesting Source
If we take the definition of energy harvesting to be, “the conversion of ambient energy into electricity”, then an energy harvester is fundamentally coupled, by definition and by design, to its... Read full abstract
Distinguished Chair in Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry, & Director of the Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute, University of Texas at Dallas
Ray Baughman received a B.S. in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University and a Ph.D. in the Materials Science area from Harvard University. Upon graduation he went to Allied Chemical, which later... Read full bio
Cornell University
Talk Title: Metastable Nanoparticle Surfaces for Tunable Catalysis Systems , Talk Title: Controlling Oxide Properties through Cation Site Occupation
(Metastable Nanoparticle Surfaces for Tunable Catalysis Systems) The need for inexpensive high-activity materials in electrocatalytic applications such as water splitting has driven substantial... Read full abstract, (Controlling Oxide Properties through Cation Site Occupation) Ternary spinel oxides are actively used and researched as catalysis for fuel cells and electrochemical energy storage. In spinels, the... Read full abstract
Headshot of Safakcan Tuncdemir
President at Solid State Ceramics, Inc.
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University
Talk Title: Optimal design of piezoelectric energy harvester for elastic metamaterial
Metamaterial is an organized structure to obtain special properties even not in nature, like negative refractive index and perfect sound absorption. These special properties can be achieved by... Read full abstract
Professor, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
Sang-Woo Kim is professor in the Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU). He received a Ph.D. in Electronic Science and Engineering from Kyoto... Read full bio
Ewha Women's University
Talk Title: Energy Production and Storage on Exfoliated 2D Inorganic Nanosheets
The exfoliated 2D nanosheets of layered metal compounds (layered metal oxides, layered double hydroxides, transition metal dichalcogenides, and layered metal carbides) attract intense research... Read full abstract
Program Manager, Biophysics program Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
Sofi Bin-Salamon received his PhD in Chemistry at North Carolina State University in 2005. He then served as a National Research Council Research Associate in the Chemistry Division at US Naval... Read full bio
Assistant Professor, Cambridge University
Dr Kar-Narayan is a University Lecturer & ERC Starting Grant holder working in the Device Materials Group, Department of Materials Science, University of Cambridge. She is a Fellow of Clare Hall... Read full bio
Headshot of Stefano Basagni.
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University
Stefano Basagni holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas (December 2001) and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Milano, Italy (May 1998). He... Read full bio
Headshot of Stephanie Lee
Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Solution-processable materials for renewable energy applications, nanostructured materials, hybrid polymers, crystal engineering
Talk Title: Solution Shearing of Continuously Processed Organic Photovoltaic Active Layers for Morphological Control
We demonstrate the use of solution shearing prior to film deposition as a means to control the morphology of model poly(3-hexylthiophene)/phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (P3HT/PCBM) films.... Read full abstract
Professor of Ceramic Science & Engineering Director at Penn State; Director, W. M. Keck Smart Materials Integration Laboratory
The Trolier-McKinstry group research primarily revolves around thin film dielectric and piezoelectric materials. The group works both to probe the fundamental mechanisms that control the magnitude of... Read full bio
Talk Title: Energy harvesting with piezoelectric films
"Harvesting energy from ambient motion using piezoelectric elements is a promising approach to extend the working hours of electronic devices, including wearables, without recharging or... Read full abstract
Director of Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment; Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Richard's Bioconversion Research Group applies fundamental engineering science to microbial ecosystems, developing innovative strategies for a more sustainable agriculture and the emerging bio-... Read full bio
Headshot of Vikram
Assistant Professor, University College of Dublin
Talk Title: Energy Harvesters and Structural Health Monitors
"Built infrastructure (roads, bridges, pipelines) are are degrading globally with inadequate rehabilitation funds and bourgeoning sectors like renewable energy devices add to this pressure.... Read full abstract
Headshot of Zoubeida Ounaies
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Dorothy Quiggle Career Developmental Professorship, Penn State University
Research Interests: Development of unique combinations of mechanical-electrical-chemical coupling in polymers and polymer nanocomposites.