Gareth Knowles

CEO, QorTek
Gareth received his PhD from Kings College Cambridge. Previously he was CTO for EMF Industries and before that Lab Head of Dynamics and Control R&D at Northrop Grumman while simultaneously heading up their Smart Materials activities. He holds 27 granted patents (8 more pending) covering piezoelectronics, active devices, actuator designs and power electronics. He has delivered over 50 national and international invited talks and has published over 100 technical papers. He has received several technology leadership awards and twice awarded EEC/EU Visiting Professorship (University of Strathclyde, Technical University of Denmark). He was Editor-in-chief of the ‘Journal of Smart Structures & Materials’, Editor-in-chief of Institute of Physics ‘Adaptive Structures & Active Materials’ monograph text series, has been Senior editor for several engineering professional organization journal publications including ‘IEEE Systems & Controls’; ‘International J. of Robust & Nonlinear Control’ etc., and been Chairperson of a number of engineering society committees including SPIE, CERF, and IEEE that have included culminating in House/Senate written reports. He has served as either Conference or Conference Section Chairperson for several professional engineering societies.