Christopher Mullen

Mechanical Engineer at US Army CERDEC CP&I
Headshot of Christopher Mullen
Research Interests: Design optimization of electromagnetic alternators for vibration energy harvesting applications, electric motor design, finite element analysis, topology optimization
Talk Title: 
Experimental Verification of a Transient Finite Element Simulation for an Energy Harvesting Electromechanical Transducer
Talk Abstract: 
The US Army utilizes finite element analysis to both prevent interference of magnetic fields in competing equipment as well as for optimization purposes. Energy harvesting devices have been introduced that will be installed on a Soldier’s person, increasing the likelihood of interference with communication and power devices. This paper presents the dynamic simulation of an electromagnetic motor that will be installed in the heel of the Soldier’s boot. Based on several simulation iterations, a prototype of the motor is introduced and characterized to verify the simulation. The characterization includes magnetic flux density and open circuit voltage at a known frequency. The resulting technique can be applied to any design of a custom and novel motor which saves resources, increases the efficiency of the energy harvesting device, and ensures negligible interference.