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Richard Bailey

  • Database Specialist

Corry Bullock

  • Lead, Post-Award Administration and Accounting

Robert Cornwall

  • Associate Director

Amy Davis

  • Post-Award Administration and Accounting

Kevin A. Dressler

  • Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives and Proposal Development, SIRO

Elizabeth Grgurich

  • Administrative Support

Monica Grubb

  • Post-Award Administration and Accounting

Vicky Kaltenbach

  • Pre-Award Administration and Proposal Submission

Heather Mann

  • Pre-Award Administration and Proposal Submission

Lorraine M. Mulfinger

  • Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives and Proposal Development, SIRO

Niki Lynn Page

  • Lead, Pre-Award Administration and Proposal Submission

Christy Shaw-Godinez

  • Pre-Award Administration and Proposal Submission

Gregg Stimer

  • Post-Award Administration and Accounting

Nicole Wolfe

  • Post-Award Administration and Accounting

Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Office

100 Land and Water Research Building, University Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814-863-0293 • Fax: 814-863-2830

The Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Office (SIRO) is a research administration unit under the direction of  Director, Padma Raghavan.  SIRO staff provides active support for the development of large-scale and strategic proposals that are mainly multi-college and multi-institution efforts as well as administration of the resulting awards.

SIRO staff also provides administrative support to the Materials Research Institute (MRI) and the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment (PSIEE).  In this context, SIRO provides both pre-award and post-award support for single-investigator and team based programs of MRI and PSIEE researchers whose primary campus address is in interdisciplinary research buildings (e.g. MRL Building, MRI Building, and Land and Water Building).

Large-Scale and Strategic Support:

MRI and PSIEE Investigator Support:


SIRO staff can assist you in directing your general research administration inquiries. For additional university resources, regarding research administration, please refer to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) website (Office of Sponsored Programs) for more information.



Penn State will host a streaming live two-hour webinar from experts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) titled: “Meet the Experts in NIH Peer Review.” This webinar is intended to help you understand the NIH grant proposal review process. You are invited attend on either of the following dates:

 ·         Tuesday, April 29, 2014 from 3-4:45 PM in 100 Life Sciences Building

·           Wednesday, May 14, 2014 from 3-4:45 PM in 201W Millennium Science Complex

The speakers on each date will include:

 The Review of Your NIH Grant Application Begins Here

Dr. Richard Nakamura, Director, NIH Center for Scientific Review

 What You Need to Know about Application Receipt and Referral

Dr. Cathie Cooper, Director, CSR Division or Receipt and Referral

 How Your Application Is Reviewed

Dr. Robert Elliott, Scientific Review Officer, CSR – April 29, 2014

Dr. Lisa Steele, Scientific Review Officer, CSR – May 14, 2014

 Jumpstart Your Career with CSR’s Early Career Reviewer Program

Dr. Karyl Swartz, Director, Early Career Reviewer Program – April 29, 2014

Dr. Monica Basco, Coordinator, Early Career Reviewer Program – May 14, 2014

Participants will be able to email questions for the speakers to during the presentations. As many questions as possible will be answered during the last 30 minutes of the webinar.

Due to limited seating capacity on May 14th, attendance will be limited to the first 50 registrants at: