Research Proposal Development and Submission Services (Pre-Award)

SIRO offers a wide variety of services for large-scale, interdisciplinary proposals.


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Proposal Management and Organization​

  • Managing proposal preparation and submission process (e.g. timeline establishment, responsibility checklist, etc.)
  • Compiling supporting data and content (e.g. biosketches, current and pending support, internal letters of support, external commitment letters, tabulated data, etc.)
  • Completing forms (e.g. sponsor specific submission forms)


Research Proposal Development

  • Conceptualization and development of management plans (e.g. post-doctoral mentoring, data management, etc.)
  • Facilitating collaborations both within the university and with other partners; facilitating proposal team meetings
  • Interpreting funder guidelines and helping to articulate significance and impact to be responsive to funder goals
  • Assisting with plans for broader impacts (e.g. education, outreach, diversity)
  • Designing and producing graphics, charts, tables, etc. (SIRO Graphics Gallery)
  • Technical editing and formatting; proofreading, and organizing internal peer reviews
  • Providing training grant support (e.g. NIH T32, NSF NRT, etc.)
  • Collecting institutional data and completing of data tables 


Budget Development

  • Developing budget and draft justification (e.g. sponsor specific submission forms)
  • Coordinating cost matchif applicable


Proposal Submission

  • Providing compliance reviews
  • Submitting proposal under SIRO’s signatory authority


Post-Award Administration Planning

  • Negotiating award support
  • Creating accounts
  • Initiating sub-awards


Please review the SIRO Pre-Award Proposal Activity Monitoring and Reporting policy here.