How We Operate

SIRO prioritizes strategic, interdisciplinary, multi-million dollar proposals that involve multiple principal investigators, departments, colleges and institutions.

SIRO works closely with faculty to provide research administration, proposal development, graphic design, and post-award project management services over the course of a research proposal submission. Our staff assists with the collection of personnel documents, pre-submission “Red Team” reviews, budget creation, cost share negotiations, custom graphics and more. We are here to support you!

Your SIRO Team


Research Administrator

Your SIRO research administrator assists with the creation of budgets, works with collaborators and sub-awardees to collect supporting documents, provide compliance review, and are authorized to submit your proposal on behalf of Penn State.


Proposal Developer

Your SIRO proposal developer offers project management and strategic input to ensure your proposal is well-written, organized, and strategically competitive. The developer can assist with the development of planning documents and templates, organize team meetings, provide writing and editing of non-technical sections as well as additional services such as reference management and pre-submission review.


Graphic Developer

Your graphic developer can create custom figures, tables, timelines, organization charts and other graphic elements to highlight your proposal and make it stand out to reviewers.


Project Manager

Your SIRO project manager offers administrative support of funded projects by providing Lifecycle Management of University-wide projects with involvement including but not limited to Project Management Plan Participation (pre-award), Account Set-up Oversight (project implementation), and Financial Monitoring and Reporting (post-award).

Stages of a Typical SIRO Proposal

We recommend that teams strictly follow the SIRO proposal submission timeline for the best outcome.



Penn State faculty investigators interested in SIRO proposal development, pre-award administration, or project management services MUST first obtain approval from their Research Advocate (Institute Director or college Associate Dean for Research) BEFORE submitting a SIRO Service Request Form.



After approval from your Advocate, fill out the Request Form



If your request is accepted, SIRO will assign a team who will work with you throughout the submission process



SIRO staff assists with figure development, technical and non-technical sections, and budgets while the PI and team draft the proposal.



Red Team review completed



SIRO collects submission components for semi-final review



Documents finalized, compliance checks completed



Proposal Submitted before deadline



Complete SIRO post-submission survey