CATS IACUC Updates: Training Now Displayed in Submission Form


Office for Research Protections     |     IACUC  

August 31, 2022

What is being changed?

Updates were made to submission forms in CATS IACUC to now automatically display training and occupational health requirements.


Why is this change happening?

To improve on and allow for earlier transparency for researchers to easily see which team members need to complete or renew training or occupational health program participation.


Will this change affect how I complete my IACUC submission?

No. This update simply informs researchers of the new Training and Occupational Health Requirements page which will now automatically display for all new protocols, amendments, and triennial review submissions. This information appears before the Supporting Documents page, directly at the end of the form.  For annual review submissions, the information appears on the Annual Review Introduction page and displays only currently approved protocol team members.

Training info is displayed for Annual Reviews in any state other than Approved or Discarded (see image below).

AR Intro Page Minus Approved and Discarded.png


Training info is not displayed for Annual Reviews in Approved or Discarded states (see image below).

AR Intro Page in Approved or Discarded.png


Training info is displayed for New Protocols, Amendments, and Triennial Review Submissions (see image below).

Training and Occupational Health Requirements Page Screenshot.png


Where can more details about this change be found?

Links with details on training and occupational health requirements are directly found on the above pages in CATS IACUC.


What if I have questions, need help, or encounter issues with this change?

  • Penn State Health and College of Medicine researchers, contact 
  • All other Penn State researchers (with the exception of Penn State Health and College of Medicine researchers), contact


For Your Information:

CATS IACUC users can now increase the number of reviewer notes shown on the reviewer notes tab (up to 100), which allows reviewers to view all reviewer notes in a single location. To increase the number of notes shown, simply update the number in the number/page field at the bottom right of the page.