CATS IACUC Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Substances: Question #4 Update


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What is being changed?

Question 4 of the Substance Administration procedure in CATS IACUC is being revised. This question on the use of non-pharmaceutical grade substances in animal research and corresponding help text will be improved (as pictured below). 

Question 4.jpg


Why is this change happening?

  • Per federal regulations and guidance (e.g., the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations and The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals), researchers are expected to use pharmaceutical grade substances with animals whenever possible unless specific exceptions are met and justified in the approved IACUC protocol. 

  • CATS IACUC is being improved to better capture this information regarding substances used in animal research to align with these regulations and guidelines mentioned above. 


When is this change taking place?

  • July 6, 2022, between 7am and 8 am. 

  • Researchers creating new substance administration procedures will need to complete the updated question. 

  • If requested from the IACUC, researchers may need to update this information at the time of new protocols, significant amendments, or triennial reviews. 


Will this change affect how I complete my IACUC submission?

  • Yes, if you are utilizing non-pharmaceutical-grade substances in your animal research, you will be required to describe and obtain approval for the usage of those substances, including diluents and vehicles, solution preparation, and storage. 


Where can more details about this change be found?


What if I have questions, need help, or encounter issues with this change?

  • Penn State Health and College of Medicine researchers, contact 

  • All other Penn State researchers (with the exception of Penn State Health and College of Medicine researchers), contact

  • Contact the clinical veterinarian for your housing area.