Checklist for Departing Researchers - Transfer of Consumable Research Materials, including Animals and Biological Materials (Human and Non-Human)

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) must be negotiated and in place prior to transfer to a new institution of animals, cell lines, samples, tissues, or other consumable research materials (both human and non-human) collected, generated, or developed at Penn State. The transfer of animals or biological materials may also require approval from the respective compliance program (IACUC and/or IBC); contact the IACUC and/or IBC for further guidance. MTAs memorializing third party permissions also will be required when the items being transferred were originally received from another institution under an MTA. Biological materials remaining at Penn State must either be transferred to another researcher or destroyed. International transfers must be reviewed by the University Export Compliance Officer (ADG09).

Note: At the College of Medicine, please contact the Center for Medical Innovation. At all other locations, please contact the Office of Technology Management.