Checklist for Departing Researchers - Other Data

Please work with your local IT to ensure all data is either deleted or archived in accordance with University record retention requirements. For research data, please see Section 3 immediately prior to this section. For non-research data, Penn State policy AD35 should be consulted. Certain types of data may be considered official University Records.

  • Data which do not fall under the definition of University Records require no special action; such data may leave the university with the faculty member or may be deleted prior to or after her departure.
  • Data which fall under University Records, and for which the retention period has passed, must be deleted in accordance with AD35.
  • Data which fall under University Records, and for which retention period has not passed, must be retained by the university.

Please consult the University Records FAQ for help differentiating among record types. If the departing researcher wishes to request a deviation from university policy, please contact University Archives for further guidance. (At the College of Medicine, please contact the Office of Research Affairs.)