Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Navigate to the Bloop: https://psu.bloop-web.com/ and log into the system using your Penn State Web Access credentials. 


Step 2: Populate your personal information and confirm your training and certifications are up to date. Your dive plan will not be approved unless all training and supporting documentation is current. 


Step 3: Create a Project or use the appropriate existing Project. Each Dive Plan must be associated with a Project. Examples of project titles may be a) the title of your grant (if applicable), b) type of research you are conducting (including the location, e.g., NSF Fish Spawning in Curacao, c) Check-dive (for currency dives).


Step 4: Create a Dive Plan. Complete all of the fields for a dive plan. You will need to associate the Dive Plan with a Project. 


Step 5: Schedule a Dive. If you are diving multiple times within one project, you will need to schedule a dive within the system, prior to diving. 


Step 6: Log your Dive. When you’ve completed a dive, be sure to log it in the system.