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Almost all changes to a protocol will require an amendement to be submitted and approved by the IACUC prior to implementation.

-Examples of changes include: personnel changes, addition of animals, addition of a funding source, change in experimental design, etc.-

Email or call 814-865-1775 with questions about proposed changes.

Amendments require changes to the corresponding pages of the protocol. The rationale for the change must be provided in the appropriate section(s) of the protocol form (e.g. Experiments page), which becomes editable after beginning the amendement.

If changing the number of requested animals, modify animal counts on the Experiment and Animal Justifications pages

If adding personnel, be sure to verify assignment to procedures on the Procedure Personnel Assignment page.

Begin an Amendment

To begin an amendment, select “Create an Amendment” in the menu of your approved protocol as pictured to the right. 

Amendment Menu.png


Amendment Summary Page

After selecting “Create Amendment” the “Amendment Summary” page, pictured to the right, will appear. Explain in detail the change(s) that will be made to the protocol and include a rationale for the changes. The IACUC will use this page to initially review the amendment request so be as specific as possible. Note: The information in these questions will not be pulled into the protocol. This information MUST also be included in the appropriate sections of the protocol.

Amendment .png


Edit Protocol

Once the Amendement Summary page is complete, select “Continue” and use the “Jump To” menu to get to the pages in the protocol that require updates. Make the the appropriate changes.

Continue Button.png

Jump To.png


Submit the Amendment

The amendment is ready to submit after the protocol has been edited to reflect the requested changes to the study. To submit the Amendment, select “Save” and then “Exit” to return to Amendment menu. 

Save & Exit.png


In the “Next Steps” of the Amendment menu, there is the “Submit” button. Select “Submit” to send the amendment to the IACUC for review.

Submit Amendment.png


Amendments sucessfully sent to the IACUC will change the submission to a “Pre-review” state. 

IACUC pre-review.png