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Change Contact Information in CATS IRB system.

Please be sure to maintain current contact information in our CATS IRB system. If you have a change of address or department, you can make those changes yourself in the online platform.

Step one: 

  • Login to CATS IRB using your Penn State access ID and password (e.g.
  • From the Dashboard, locate the user name in the upper right side of the screen.

Changing Contact Information -for website image 9.png


Step two:

  • Hover over and click the drop-down tab located beside the user name in the upper right side of screen.
  • You will see two options appear in the down-down menu: 1) My Profile, or 2) Log off. Click "My Profile".

Changing Contact Information -for website image 10.png


Step three:

  • By clicking "My Profile", you will land on the main page. 
  • In the upper left side of your screen, you will see "Edit Details".
  • Hover of the words "Edit Details" until the finger appears. Then click Edit Details.

Changing Contact Information Website image 3.png


Step four:

  • Clicking "Edit Details" will bring you to the landing page below.
  • Please make any required changes with updated information.
  • Please be sure to save your changes in the lower right side of your screen and then click "OK" to exit.
  • Please contact your IRB Analysts for assistance should you not be able to modify your contact information.

Changing Contact Information - image 5.png


Step five:

  • Once you click "OK", you will be returned to the main landing page (step three). 
  • To confirm your changes were save, please click on the "Properties" tab located in the center of your screen.
  • Your updated information will be visible for you to review and modify as needed.

Changing Contact Information Website 9.png


Step six:

  • After you complete your changes in the above section, click on your "Dashboard" or other icon to leave the "My Profile" workspace.
  • Should you need to make further changes to your contact information simply return to "Step One" above and follow the process again.
  • You can update your contact information as often as needed.