The magazine of research & discovery at Penn State.

Fall 2019

Volume 39 | Number 2

On the cover this issue:

DK Osseo-Asare, assistant professor of architecture and engineering design at Penn State, discusses his work with the Agbogbloshie Makerspace Platform (AMP) in Ghana. 

In this issue...

2 In Brief 
A new phase of matter, volcano plumbing, blood clots, and other news highlights from Penn State Researchers.
10 At Large 
When a protein sample dried up, an intriguing image emerged. 
12 Return & Get It 
Penn State architects make space for ingenuity in a West African scrapyard.
20 The Empathy Option
Why do we choose to be empathetic, or not?
24 From the Ground Up
To solve our energy  challenges, start with  buildings and communities.
30 Listening to Your Gut
Decoding the chemical conversations of your metabolism and your microbiome.
36 In Touch With 
Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri on pro-tecting the nation’s power grids.


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