Eleventh Annual Postdoc Exhibition




Eleventh Annual Postdoc Research Exhibition will be on September 28, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.in HUB as a part of the National Postdoc Appreciation Week.

This an excellent opportunity for postdocs to attend a panel discussion on career paths, present posters, participate in a lightning talk competition, meet other postdocs and research associates from all across the campus.  Poster presenters will be presenting to judges from different disciplines- a great way to exercise your science communication skills and prepare for career transitions. This is the second year that postdocs and research associates who mentor an undergraduate research project will get an opportunity to present a poster with their mentee. Posters from past meetings or conferences can be re-used. There will be cash prizes and travel award prizes depending on the number of presenters and judges. 

POSTERS AND TALKS: We have 38 posters from various disciplines, 5 selected lightning talks, 2 selected short talks for the afternoon.

Our panelists are Dr. Erick Perkins, Dr. Eric Hudson and Dr.Kristin Finch who will talk about careers in industry, academia and administration in academia.

Eric Perkins received his Ph.D. in Genetics & Molecular Biology from UNC-Chapel Hill where he studied DNA repair at the Lineberger Cancer Center. After a post-doc in Harvard University's Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, he transitioned to a Senior Scientist position at Addgene, the nonprofit plasmid repository. Over the course of 10 years, he fulfilled many different roles at the organization and is now Director of Science Product Management. His time at Addgene has given him the opportunity to learn about and champion many causes, including open access science, STEM education, communication across fields and disciplines, and scientific careers outside of academia.

Eric Hudson, Associate Professor of Physics, Associate Head for Diversity & Equity and Director of Education, Outreach, and Diversity Programs 2DCC-MIP at Penn State. His primary research focuses on understanding properties of exotic superconductors and other complex materials using scanning tunneling microscopy.

Kristin Finch, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at Penn State. In this role she facilitates efforts to promote a nurturing climate for all members of the Eberly College of Science community, advances the representation of diverse communities in those extraordinary academic disciplines representative of the college's educational programs, and supports the curricular and co-curricular programs sponsored by the college and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.