Postdoc Science Cafe

In collaboration with Webster's Cafe downtown, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs has created a science cafe, where postdocs and assistant research professors from all disciplines get an opportunity to present their research to general audience. The cafe is at 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays, once a month, with two presenters, with a short 15 minute talk each, followed by Q&A with the audience.


Science Cafes

- Sebastiaan Van Nuffel, postdoctoral scholar in the Materials Research Institute, presenting "Label-Free Chemical Imaging of Tissues and Single Cells using Imaging Mass Spectrometry"
- Margarita Orlova, postdoctoral scholar in Entomology, presenting "The Warrior Queen? Aggression and Signaling in Social Insects"

August Science Cafe.jpg


- Joshua Garber, postdoctoral scholar in Earth and Mineral Sciences (Geosciences), presenting "Earth In Context: What Makes Our Planet Unique?"
- Ehsan Mahdinia, postdoctoral scholar in Food Science, presenting "A Prototype to Investigate Milk Proteins and Salt Interactions"

July Science Cafe.png


- Yolanda Murphy, postdoctoral scholar in Health Development and Family Studies, presenting "Child Anxiety: What we know and moving forward"
- Michael Gorka, postdoctoral scholar in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, presenting "Hijacking Photosynthesis: Using Nature's Machinery to Generate Biofuels"

June Science Cafe.png


- Weston Eaton, postdoctoral scholar in Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education, presenting "Water for Agriculture: Creating an Engaged Approach to Water For & From Agriculture"
- Kristen Brochu, postdoctoral scholar in Entomology, presenting "Fair-weather Frenemies: the complex relationship between bees and plants"

5 May Science Cafe.jpg


- Michelle Tomczyk, postdoctoral scholar in Physics, presenting "The Future is Quantum: How today's quantum science might become tomorrow's quantum technology"
- Anna Madra, postdoctoral scholar in Civil and Environmental Engineering, presenting "A 3D view into the world of high-performance materials"

April Science Cafe.jpg


- Jessica Gaby, postdoctoral scholar in Food Sciences, presenting "Invisible Influence: how body odor affects social interactions"
- Xiao-Guang Yang, Assistant Research Professor in Mechanical and Nucelar Engineering, presenting "The Development of All Climate Vehicles"

Science Cafe March.jpg