CATS IACUC Submission Training via Zoom

Wed, Jul. 01, 2020 - 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Pre-registration is required.

This remote training session will offer an overview of the available features within the CATS IACUC system, which is the online system used to manage animal research applications. During the session, researchers will begin working in the live production system.

This session will cover the five basic learning objectives.

  1. Exploring My Inbox
  2. Creating Building Blocks
  3. Learning the Protocol Fundamentals
  4. Exploring the Submission Workspace
  5. Responding to Clarifications/Required Modifications


Intermediate level step-by-step instructions will also be available for researchers to continue working in the system with ease.

NOTE: CATS IACUC training DOES NOT count towards SARI credit.

Event Registration: CATS IACUC Submission Training