New IACUC Policy for Privately Owned Agricultural Animals

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April 18, 2023

The IACUC program at University Park announces a new policy: Use of Privately Owned Agricultural Animals (IACUC Policy 17). This policy was drafted with help from key faculty that work with agricultural animals in research, teaching, and testing. The policy pertains to animal use conducted at non-Penn State locations with privately owned animals, for example, collection of samples from animals maintained at a farm not owned by the University. As noted in the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching, animal use "...conducted off site does not lessen the responsibility of the institution to assure appropriate and humane animal care and use.”  The process for review and approval is outlined in the policy. 

The use of privately owned animals by Penn State faculty and staff for research, teaching, and testing requires the completion of an Animal Use Agreement form by animal owners. Certain animal use may also require involvement of a Clinical Veterinarian. IACUC Policy 17 includes links to an Animal Use Agreement template as well as the  the required Clinical Veterinarian Form. Questions should be directed to