(CLOSED) Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) Investigative Journalism in Europe (SFOP0009648)

Sponsor Name: 
United States Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL)
Description of the Award: 

The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) announces an open competition for organizations interested in submitting applications for projects that support regional investigative journalism in Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia.

Corruption and organized crime are exploited by the Russian government to further its malign influence. They help personalize gain and severely threaten democracy and good governance, economic growth, the environment, and many other critical development outcomes that the United States government champions. Within this context, the role of independent media and investigative journalism becomes even more critical, despite many media professionals operating in a highly repressive environment and some governments systematically violating freedom of expression.

DRL’s goal is to strengthen investigative journalism networks in Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia engaged in cross-border, collaborative reporting and support them to become trusted sources of information. The primary objective of this project is to increase the reporting and networking capacity of investigative journalists and outlets across Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia by helping them analyze patterns of corruption, influence and investment, conflicts of interest, anticompetitive business practices, and the impact of such practices on democracy, the environment, and economic growth. Activities could include providing technical capacity building
assistance and small grants, improving transnational collaboration among journalists, and strengthening holistic digital and physical security practices. Specific activities should be included and designed to help beneficiaries operate effectively in particularly challenging environments in the region where corruption and malign influence typically originate. Intended outcomes include: Journalists and media outlets effectively provide independent, investigative reporting to large audiences; and increased quality and quantity of investigative reporting in Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia prompt actions to promote accountability for crime and corruption.

Given the rapidly evolving situation in the region, proposals must realistically address challenges and limitations that the applicant would likely face while implementing this program. With this context in mind, applicants are requested to submit a security plan to demonstrate situational awareness and preparedness. Security plans must address safety protocols for core activities including journalistic reporting and include both physical and digital security considerations. Resources should be allocated in the budget to support these needs, including emergency funds. Applicants are also required to include contingency plans for proposed activities.

Applicants are requested to provide appropriate resources and support for the psychosocial well-being of project staff and partners. Accordingly, proposals must include a section in the narrative and budget to reflect these resources and support. Activities can range from access to educational materials and training opportunities to counseling services, as well as other forms of contextually relevant support.

Sponsor Final Deadline: 
Jun 30, 2023
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If you intend to submit complete the notification form to provide your contact information and the title and brief description of your project. If interest exceeds the institutional limit OSVPR will coordinate a downselect.

To be considered as a Penn State institutional nominee, please submit a notice of intent by the date provided directly below.
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Monday, May 1, 2023 - 4:00pm
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Penn State may only submit a specific number of proposals to this funding opportunity. The number of NOIs received require that an internal competition take place, thus, a downselect process has commenced. No Penn State researchers may apply to this opportunity outside of this downselect process. To apply for this limited submission, please use this link:
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