Upcoming AAALAC Site Visit: Summer 2024


Office for Research Protections     |     IACUC  

March 5, 2024

Penn State is committed to upholding the highest standards in animal care and research practices as demonstrated by our voluntary accreditation through AAALAC International. In anticipation of our summer 2024 AAALAC re-accreditation site visit, the IACUC program will host virtual education sessions for lab animal users as well as agriculture and wildlife users to help our research community prepare.  

The re-accreditation process involves a complete review of our program and an on-site visit from our peers at AAALAC. This year, we are excited to be including our Commonwealth Campuses as part of our accreditation!  The dates our AAALAC site visitors will be on campus have not yet been announced, but you can track when all these events will occur, as well as access all of our AAALAC resource database at our AAALAC preparation landing page

Stay tuned for additional announcements and resources!