Moving to State College

State College is a growing town that has many different opportunities for those moving to the area. In the sections below, we have provided resources for various needs. This list is not exhaustive and thus we suggest that you also visit the Central Pennsylvania and town websites, here they are respectively:



If you are looking for housing, there are many different housing options that you can choose from. Below are some local realtors that you can contact. Also the State College website has a fairly comprehensive list of the different housing and leasing agencies around town. We have also included a website that shows the public transportation system  in town, this being the Cata bus website. 


Apartment Store
444 East College Avenue, State College, PA



Briarwood Apartments
679A Waupelani Drive, State College, PA



Copper Beech Townhomes
145 Northbrook Lane #101, State College, PA



Executive House Apartments
411 Waupelani Drive, State College, PA



Falk Realty
320 South Corl Street, Suite #2, State College, PA



Legacy Realty & Property Management
612 West College, State College, PA



Here is a link to the webpages:



Here is also a link to the Cata bus system map.You can access more information about system maps by following the Cata bus link above.




Day cares and Preschools

This sections provides some information about the different daycare options around town for children.


Stay and Play


132 W Beaver Ave
(814) 237-1154


The Goddard School


1545 Westerly Pkwy
(814) 237-1160


Mt. Nittany Preschool


1500 E Branch Rd
(814) 234-3938


Saint Andrew’s Preschool


208 W Foster Ave
(814) 360-7970


JCC Nursery School


620 E Hamilton Ave
(814) 883-8110


Park Forest Preschool


1833 Park Forest Ave
(814) 231-8492


ABC Children’s Center


2201 University Dr
(814) 238-6510


State College KinderCare


228 Farmstead Ln
(814) 238-3955


Red Satchel Montessori School


1015 S Pugh St
(814) 234-1464



For more preschool and daycare options follow these links to the human resource page and the State College website which have further listings for daycares and preschools. ,,347/


In this section we provide you with some of the different options that you can choose for your child’s schooling.


Elementary schools



Easterly Parkway Elementary School
(814) 231-1170


Corl Street Elementary School


235 S Corl St
(814) 231-1185


Radio Park Elementary School


800 W Cherry Ln
(814) 231-4115


Mount Nittany Elementary School


700 Brandywine Dr
(814) 272-5970


Houserville and Lemont Elementary School


675 Elmwood St
(814) 231-5034


Park Forest Elementary School


2181 School Dr
(814) 231-5010


State College Friends School


1900 University Dr
(814) 237-8386


Nittany Valley Charter School


1612 Norma St
(814) 867-3842


Nittany Christian School


1221 W Whitehall Rd
(814) 234-5652


Centre Learning Community Charter School


2643 W College Ave
(814) 861-7980


Young Scholars Charter School


1530 Westerly Pkwy
(814) 237-9727



Middle Schools



Mount Nittany Middle School


656 Brandywine Dr
(814) 272-4050


Park Forest Middle School


2180 School Dr
(814) 237-5301


Bellefonte Area Middle School


100 N School St
(814) 355-5466


High Schools



State College Area High School


653 Westerly Pkwy
(814) 231-1111


Delta Program


154 W Nittany Ave
(814) 231-1000


Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy


901 Boalsburg Pike
(814) 808-6118

Family Activities

This section gives you some information about things to do with Children specifically. There are more activities under the indoor and outdoor activities section below that you can also do with children.


Discovery Space of Central Pennsylvania


112 W Foster Ave
(814) 234-0200


Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center


3400 Discovery Rd
(814) 863-2000


Childhood’s Gate Children’s Garden at the Arboretum


E Park Ave & Bigler Rd
(814) 865-9118



This is a list of various parks around town and their locations. Many of them have some type of play set and field access.


Sunset Park, 850 McKee St
Holmes-Foster Park, 901 Westerly Pkwy
Lederer Park, 1101 University Dr
Walnut Springs Park 843 Walnut Spring Ln
Orchard Park,  1013 Bayberry Dr
Tudek Memorial Park, 400 Herman Dr
Tussey View Park, 320 E Marylyn Ave
Suburban Park,  101 Suburban Ave
Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, 548 Puddintown Rd

For more potential activities to do with your family, you can visit the Centre County Region website: 

Indoor Activities

Here are just a few of the indoor activities that you can do.


Schlow Library


211 S Allen St
(814) 237-6236


The Penn State Berkey Creamery


Corner of Curtain and Bigler roads
(814) 865-7535


Meyer Dairy


2390 S Atherton St
(814) 237-1849


State Theatre


130 W College Ave
(814) 272-0606


Palmer Museum of Art


Curtin Rd
(814) 865-7672


Pennsylvania Military Museum


51 Boal Ave
(814) 466-6263


College 9 Movie Theatre


3031 Carnegie Dr
(814) 272-3050


UEC Theatres 12


125 Premiere Dr
(814) 861-5006




677 W Whitehall Rd
(814) 237-7717


Northland Bowl & Sports Center


1521 Martin St
(814) 237-1500



You can find many more activities at the Central Pennsylvania website which is linked below. In addition you can find information about historical sites, cultural events, shows, and other community activities.

Outdoor Activities

This section contains information about the possible outdoor activities that you can do around State College and it’s surrounding area. Here we have included some activities both around town and outside of it. Pennsylvania is known to have wonderful biking and hiking trails, all of which are within very small distances from the town itself.


The Arboretum at Penn State


E Park Ave & Bigler Rd
(814) 865-9118


The State College Spikes


701 Porter Rd
(814) 272-1711


Whipple Dam


3746 Laurel Run Rd
(814) 667-1800


Tussey Mountain


341 Bear Meadows Rd
(814) 466-6266


Penns Cave


222 Penns Cave Rd
(814) 364-1664


Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center


3400 Discovery Rd
(814) 863-2000


Millbrook Marsh


548 Puddintown Rd
(814) 235-7819


Bald Eagle State Park


149 Main Park Rd
(814) 625-2775


Greenwood Furnace


15795 Greenwood Rd
(814) 667-1800


You can find more information about outdoor activities from the Central PA website and the website for Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural ,

Grocery Stores

These are the supermarkets in town. You can get many of your household needs at these locations. They have food products but also household goods such as cleaning supplies.


Weis Market


Westerly Parkway Plaza
560 Westerly Pkwy
(814) 238-1821
Open 24 hours

1471 Martin St
(814) 237-2500
Open until 12:00 AM

Hills Plaza
110 Rolling Ridge Dr
(814) 231-8397
Open 24 hours



Giant Food Stores


255 Northland Center
(814) 237-1828
Open 24 hours

2222 E College Ave
(814) 861-2578
Open until 12am




345 Colonnade Blvd
(814) 278-9000

Open 24 hours



This is a list of the specialty stores in town. These stores specialize in fairly specific types of food products. If you are looking for an international product many of these stores will be more likely to hold the products you are looking for.


Krishan Indian Grocery Store

230 W College Ave
(814) 237-4118



State College International Market

328 S Allen St
(814) 238-7679



East Asian Market

215 Blue Course Dr
(814) 359-6282



The Oriental Store

451 Railroad Ave



Far Corners Asian Market

012 W College Ave
(814) 237-5553




1518 N Atherton St
(814) 867-4989



East European Market

2110 N Atherton St
(814) 867-5220



Trader Joe’s

243 Patriot Ln
(814) 234-2224



Nature’s Pantry

2331 Commercial Blvd
(814) 861-5200


Household items and furniture

For regular house items, you can find different products at the following stores.


Walmart Supercenter

Walmart holds many different types of products. It has grocery items, household goods, clothing, entertainments, etc. It is well known to be an affordable store with almost all types of products an average person would need.


North Atherton Place
1665 N Atherton S
(814) 237-8401
Open 24 hours

373 Benner Pike
(814) 235-9306
Open 24 hours



Target is known to also have many different types of products such as household goods, clothing, entertainment, and food. It has a smaller selection than Walmart but still offers affordable options for many of your shopping needs.


201 W Beaver Ave
(814) 308-5876
Open until 10:00 PM

315 Colonnade Blvd
(814) 861-8660
Open until 11:00 PM



Homegoods has both decorative and useful household products such as furniture and kitchen supplies.


48 Colonnade Way
(814) 861-3016


Pier 1 Imports

Pier 1 has both decorative and useful household items.


221 Patriot Ln
(814) 867-4912


The Home Depot

Home Depot holds many different household items. They have many of the supplies need for any home improvement projects, but they also have a wide selection of appliances.


2615 Green Tech Dr.
(814) 238-1524


Lowe’s Home Improvement

Lowe’s holds many different household items including home improvement needs and appliances.


104 Valley Vista Dr
(814) 321-9130


Wolf Furniture

This is a higher end furniture store.


138 Valley Vista Dr
(814) 278-7474


Lion Surplus

Lion surplus has used furniture and supplies that Penn State once used on one of its properties. It offers affordable prices for various household items.


Penn State Services Rd
(814) 865-4371


Tubbies Bedroom and Mattress store

Lion surplus has used furniture and supplies that Penn State once used on one of its properties. It offers affordable prices for various household items.


2221 E College Ave
(814) 272-0224



Goodwill is a second-hand store that holds kitchen ware, furniture, clothing, and other items that people in the community donate. Goodwill is known to have very affordable goods.


424 Westerly Pkwy
(814) 237-8006


Pete’s Used Furniture

Pete’s Furniture has affordable second-hand furniture.


522 Westerly Pkwy
(814) 308-9592


St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

At St. Vincent de Paul you can find second-hand very affordable kitchen and clothings goods. This is a small location.


526 Westerly Pkwy
(814) 867-3131