College of Medicine and Penn State Health to Adopt Greenphire ClinCards

Source: Greenphire

The College of Medicine and Penn State Health have transitioned away from gift cards and checks for reimbursement/payment.  Greenphire ClinCards will replace all previous forms of reimbursement/payment. Use of the ClinCard requires the collection of social security numbers (SSN); however, SSNs obtained for reimbursement purposes should not be stored outside of the Controller’s Office. To reiterate, study teams should not be retaining the social security records of participants for reimbursement/payment purposes with the study records.  This information must be stored in the Controller’s Office. The change in reimbursement/payment practices impacts studies that are both actively and not actively enrolling, if participants are being offered compensation.

Actively Enrolling

For studies that are actively enrolling, study team members will need to submit a modification to change the consent forms to reflect the change to Greenphire ClinCards so that future participants get the correct information.  Language for the consent forms and additional information about modifications can be found in these instructions.  

In addition, existing participants will need to be notified of the change to Greenphire ClinCards.  To inform existing participants, study team members must use this information sheet.  The form must be signed and dated by the study team member providing the information, and the signed form should be stored in the study record.  The protocol/protocol site addendum does not need to be modified since this addendum (information sheet) is not protocol specific, but rather is intended to inform participants about an institutional change.  


Not Actively Enrolling

Since this is an institution-wide decision and not a protocol-specific change, studies that are not actively enrolling do not need to submit a modification.  Instead, existing participants can be notified of the change in institutional practice using this information sheet.  The study team member providing the information must sign and date the form as indicated. The form must be stored in the study record. 

See further instructions on planning for future studies or existing study changes, such as when and how to make a modification to a study protocol, based on the transition to Greenphire ClinCards.  Questions regarding modifications to your study as a result of this change should be directed to the Human Subjects Protection Office. Questions regarding the use of the Greenphire ClinCards should be directed to the Controller's office.