Instructions for Modifications Related to Greenphire Clincards

Updated August 3, 2020.

See the announcement on the College of Medicine and Penn State Health transition to Greenphire ClinCards for payment and reimbursement.  In no instance should study teams retain the social security number of participants for payment or reimbursement purposes in research records.  This information should reside with the Controller’s Office. 


Actively Enrolling

Studies that are actively enrolling new participants must update their consent forms to indicate the change in reimbursement and payment method to Greenphire ClinCards AND must notify existing participants of the change using the information sheet released by the HSPO.  See the revised section 9 language for the consent form. 

New Participants

A modification must be submitted to update the consent form to replace the current language in section 9 related to how participants are being paid (not the amounts or timing).  See the section 9 language in the consent form about Greenphire.  If the modification has not been submitted by the time the protocol is due for a continuing review, a MOD/CR must be submitted to update the consent form with the revised language.  

If necessary, the Subject Payment and/or Travel Reimbursements section of protocol should also be updated to accurately reflect the use of the ClinCard. The modification should NOT include the Information Sheet for existing participants or any of the Greenphire instructional material since these are not protocol specific and do not require additional IRB approval. HRP-598 should also not be updated to reflect the collection of SSN since this is not study data and must be stored with the Controller’s Office. For assistance submitting a modification, see these general instructions on modifications

Existing Participants

To notify existing participants, study teams must use this information sheet.  The information sheet should not be revised, nor should it be attached in CATS IRB for review.  The study team member informing the participants must sign and date the form and store the signed form with the study records. 


Not Actively Enrolling

Studies that are not actively enrolling do not need to submit a modification to the consent form.  However, study team members must notify existing participants of the change in institutional practice to adopt Greenphire ClinCards for payment and reimbursement using the information sheet provided.  The study team member providing the information, must sign and date the form as indicated.  The form must be stored in the study record, but it should not be attached in CATS IRB as a study document.  


New Study Submissions

All new study submissions to the IRB requiring the consent form template must use the updated section 9 language.  All payment and reimbursement language must indicate Greenphire ClinCards will be used.