Award Transfers to Other Institutions

Sponsor Requirements - varies by agency; therefore, follow the agency transfer guidelines along with the normal close out process

Checklist for PI leaving the University with Active Sponsored Awards

  • Verify the balance on the account
    • Check with the PI to determine whether the award will be closed or transferred
    • Determine the amount to be transferred to the new institution
    • Determine if there was any equipment purchased on the award
    • If subcontracts were issued on the award, they will need to be closed
    • Verify if there are any reports due

Account Close-Out

  • Verify expenses
  • Transfer balance to new institution
  • Authorization to Close or Extend Form (ACE) needed


  • Transfer of equipment when faculty leave the University can be found here
  • PSU Holds Title
    • Negotiate an agreement with or without nominal fees
  • Government Holds Title
    • Request disposition instructions from sponsor
    • Transfer title to new institution
    • Gift - contact Property Inventory regarding the depreciation value


  • External Subcontracts need to be closed out
  • Do you need to create a new subcontract to the new institution?
    • Are there provisions available for graduate students who remain at PSU?

Final Reports

  • Make sure deliverables are met for the period of performance covered
  • Future reports will be the responsibility of the new institution