Change of PI/Institution

If a PI decides to transfer to another institution, the Department Head should review the Separation and Transfer Protocol (HR102), including the Checklist for Departing Researchers.

The following steps can be followed to transfer a Principal Investigator's active award(s) to their new institution:

  • Check with the PI to determine whether the award will be closed or transferred
  • Check the Sponsor Requirements

  • Verify the balance on the account and determine the amount to be transferred
  • Close subcontracts, if applicable

    • Determine if a new subcontract to the new institution must be created
    • Determine if provisions need to be made for graduate students who remain at PSU
  • Determine if any equipment was purchased

  • Verify if there are any reports currently due to the sponsor

    • Make sure the deliverables are met for the period of performance covered
    • Future reports will be the responsibility of the new institution