Evan Pugh University Professors

Penn State's official criteria, on which a committee of seven members judges a candidate on their “research publications, creative work or both, have been of the highest quality over a period of time, and [has shown] evidence of having contributed significantly to the education of students who later achieve recognition for excellence in the candidate's discipline or interdisciplinary area." The clause concerning students was added in 1973, after the first nine Evan Pugh University Professors had been appointed, to provide, said the Board of Trustees, "a more realistic program for the recognition of outstanding professors."

Evan Pugh History

Evan Pugh University Professors

Listed by appointment year and department.
*Indicates current Evan Pugh University Professor

Susan L. Brantley - Geosciences*
Mauricio Terrones -  Materials Science and Engineering*

Penny Kris-Etherton - Nutrition
Susan Trolier-McKinstry -  Materials Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering*

Abhay Ashtekar - Physics
Squire Booker - Chemistry*
Akhlesh Lakhtakia - Engineering Science & Mechanics*
Lynn Liben - Psychology*

Karen L. Bierman - Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies*
Katherine H. Freeman - Geosciences*
Thomas LaPorta - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science*

Nina G. Jablonski - Anthropology
B. Frank Pugh - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Andrew F. Read - Biology, and Entomology* 

Bruce Logan - Civil and Environmental Engineering*
Jainendra Jain - Physics*
James Kasting - Geosciences

Judith S. Bond – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Donald C. Hambrick – Management*
Thomas E. Mallouk – Chemistry

Nigel Higson – Mathematics*
Mary Jane Irwin – Computer Science  and Engineering

Anthony Cutler – Art History
Joanna Floros – Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Nina V. Fedoroff – Life Sciences
Alan Walker – Anthropology and Biology

Richard B. Alley – Geosciences*
Kenneth M. Weiss – Anthropology and Genetics

Robert D. Hume – English
Aleksander Wolszczan – Astronomy and Astrophysics

James B. Anderson – Chemistry
Paul F. Baum – Mathematics*
Leonard S. Jefferson – Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Moses H. W. Chan – Physics
Judith F. Dunn – Human Development
Hellmut Hager – Art History
Masatoshi Nei – Biology
Robert Plomin – Human Development

Welford Castleman – Chemistry
Peter R. Gould – Geography
Budugur Lakshminarayana – Aerospace Engineering
Gerald E. McClearn – Health and Human Development
William S. Pierce – Surgery
Richard J. Santen – Medicine
K. Warner Schaie – Human Development and Psychology
Joseph J. Villafranca – Chemistry Stanley Weintraub - Arts Humanities

Harry R. Allcock – Chemistry
Eric L. Cross – Electrical Engineering
Gordon P. Garmire – Astronomy
Anthony Pegg – Physiology
Stanley H. Rosen – Philosophy
William T. Sanders - Anthropology
Nicholas Winograd – Chemistry
Francis T. S. Yu – Electrical Engineering

George E. Andrews – Mathematics
Paul T. Baker – Anthropology
Rustum Roy – Solid State
Elliot S. Vesell – Pharmacology
Philip Young – English

Fred Rapp – Microbiology

Eugenio Battisti – Art History
Stephen J. Benkovic – Chemistry
Herschel W. Leibowitz – Psychology


Vernon J. Aspaturian – Political Science
John L. Lumley – Aerospace Engineering
Howard E. Morgan – Physiology
Richard R. Nelson – Plant Pathology
Philip S. Skell – Chemistry
Philip L. Walker – Materials Science

John M. Anderson – Philosophy
Erwin W. Mueller – Physics

Ernest C. Pollard – Biophysics

Hans A. Panofsky – Atmospheric Sciences
Stuart Patton – Agricultural Sciences

Ferdinand G. Brickwedde – Physics

David H. Rank – Physics

Haskell B. Curry – Mathematics
Woldemar A. Weyl – Physical Science