CATS Safety Researcher's Navigation And Tips

Follow these steps to get started on a CATS Biosafety Submission.

  1. Log into CATS Safety: 
  2. In your My Inbox, on the left menu, select Create > Create Safety Submission.



Create Safety Submission Button


TIP: The creator of the Safety submission does not need to be the Principal Investigator, yet the creator does need to be a protocol team member on the safety submission. Protocol team members can create, view, and edit the Safety submission. The Principal Investigator or the PI Proxy (an optional role assigned by the principal investigator) are the only users permitted to submit the safety submission for review. 

  1. Select the Continue button (on bottom right) to complete each page of the safety submission. The left navigation bar can also be used to navigate around the safety submission and is available after creating the first page of the safety submission. 


Systems uses a smartform. The smartform guides you through the safety submission. Additional screens may appear based on responses thus it is HIGHLY recommended to proceed page by page in the smartform.  

Red asterisks(*) indicate required questions

Blue question bubbles available for help 

Ensure all protocol team members have added their research experience to their My Profile, which can be accessed by clicking their name in the banner and then selecting My Profile. The research experience for the principal investigator and protocol team members will populate on the Training and Experience Summary page in the safety submission. 

Searching Items: A text box with an ellipse indicates you must select an item from the selection listing. If you type items in this text box, items matching the typed text will appear in the list. You can select then your item from this list. The more you type in the text box, the results will narrow in the selection listing. 


For example: Search for material

  • Alternatively, you can click the ellipse to see the complete selection list. 

    • CATS Safety will search for items in the selection listing based upon the first few letters you have typed.


TIP:  If you want to broaden your search to look for items containing the letters you have typed, CATS Safety does permit the use of the percent wildcard (%) to show all items containing certain letters. 

wildcard search for material

  1. Select Save & Exit button on the Supporting Documents page to finish the smartform. 
  2. Select Submit button on left sidebar Next Steps menu (only a PI or PI proxy can submit). 



Safety submissions in a state of Pre-Submission indicate the submission has not yet been submitted to the IBC for review. 

Safety submission in a state of Safety Specialist indicate the submission has been submitted to the IBC for review. When the submission is in this state, the submission cannot be edited by the PI or protocol team members. 

If you do not have time to complete the online Safety submission, you can return to the form anytime (if the first page of the safety submission was saved). Return to the form by clicking on the protocol name in your My Inbox

Zoom Training

CATS Safety submission training via Zoom is available.  Find dates and register here

CATS Safety Transition Information

Learn more about the CATS Safety project and available sytem trainings: 

CATS Safety IBC Help Center

  1. Log into CATS Safety:
  2. In the top navigation bar, select Safety then Help Center
  3. Click on middle menu to access these resources:
  • Program and Policy (e.g. Penn State Policy RP11, Federal Policies, etc.)
  • System Guides

    • Safety Researcher’s Guide: This document provides quick steps for PIs and research teams for creating and submitting protocols and follow-on submissions. 
    • Updating Personnel Research Experience: An article to aid in adding/updating research experience in your contact profile in CATS Safety
    • Safety Submission Form Design Document: A guide that contains all of the protocol questions presented in CATS Safety
  • Support and Contacts

    • Contact Information for content help and system help


CATS Safety Library

The library houses Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other researcher facing documentation which may be necessary for the completion of Safety protocols.

  1. Log into CATS Safety:
  2. In the top navigation bar, select Safety then Library
  3. Click on middle menu to access these resources:
  • Penn State Health and College of Medicine
  • University Park and All Other Campuses and Locations