CITI Program at Penn State

Certain trainings required by the Offices for Research Protections and Export Compliance are completed through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, known as CITI. These requirements include research compliance and protections trainings, as well as training for the completion of SARI@PSU requirements. Contact us at if you need help in addition to what is provided below.
We offer CITI trainings in the following areas:
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
  • Vertebrate Animal Research (IACUC)
  • Human Subjects Research (IRB)
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens (IBC)
  • Yearly Biosafety (IBC)
  • Shipping Biohazardous Biological Materials
  • Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC)
  • Export Control
If you are ready to begin training, you can go to

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a tool to help you decide which CITI training you need based on your role at Penn State and the work you are doing. Find the tool here:

To verify your own training, login to CITI and follow the instructions for sharing a completion certificate (see directions in the next fequently asked question below).

To verify that others' training is complete and current, ask them to follow the instructions for sharing a completion certificate with you.

Also, if you have a study in CATS IRB, you can view the current training status of all study team members within the CATS system by navigating to the "Training Summary" page of the online study submission form.  

Locating the Training Summary in CATS IRB:

  1. Login to CATS IRB 
  2. Click on the "IRB" tab below the banner
  3. Click the "All Submissions" tab to find a list of your studies 
  4. Click on the relevant study name to access the submission workspace.
  5. In the submission workspace, click on "View Study" or "Edit Study." This takes you to the online study submission form.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.42.16 PM.png

     6. Using the dropdown menu in top navigation bar (see screenshot), find and click on "Training Summary" to view the training status of all study team members.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.44.02 PM.png

In CITI, you can view your completion record by clicking “View Previously Completed Coursework” from the Main Menu page under “My Learner Tools.” 

This brings you to a page where you can see your score for each course you have completed, their completion dates, and their expiration dates. If you want to share this information, find the appropriate course, and then choose “View/Print” to download or print your completion record; choose “Share” to create a link to your completion record.

We will accept IRB and GCP CITI training from another institution if it has not expired. Please download your completion certificate and send it to

IACUC training from another institution is reviewed for acceptance on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information.

Yes. Non-Penn State individuals should access the CITI Program via New CITI users without Penn State credentials should click “Register” to create an account, then select either “Pennsylvania State University” or “Pennsylvania State Univ – Hershey Courses.” Previous CITI users without Penn State credentials should log in with their current account, then click on “Affiliate with another institution” to select the appropriate PSU courses. Follow these instructions for affiliating with Penn State.
State faculty, staff, and students should access CITI through using their Penn State credentials.

IACUC, IRB, and GCP trainings are valid for 3 years, whether the initial course or refresher. RCR training does not expire. Yearly Biosafety training and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens training must be completed annually.

When your training is about to expire, you will receive an email from the CITI Program stating,
CITI Program Training expires on _____. Your organization has additional course requirements for you to complete.

If your IACUC or IRB training is about to expire, you must complete the refresher course. If your GCP or OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens training is about to expire, you must complete the full course again. If your Yearly Biosafety training needs renewed, the CITI system will select the correct course for you (full or refresher) when you add a new Biosafety course.

We have instructions to help you find and complete the IACUC and IRB refresher courses and the GCP training.

Please follow our instructions. In the instructions, be sure to answer "Yes" for the second question, which will be either "Have you completed IACUC training at Penn State before?" or "Have you completed IRB training at Penn State before?"

No, you must complete the full course first. However, after that you can just take the refresher course every 3 years to keep your training valid.

No. However, IACUC and IRB training can be accepted in lieu of RCR training for SARI@PSU requirements.