Discard a Submission

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Discard a submission when it has been decided that the submission will not be pursued, or if instructed to do so by the IRB. If you wish to withdraw a submission from review temporarily, Withdraw a Submission instead of discarding. When the “Discard” action is selected, this action will permanently remove the submission. Warning: Discarding a submission cannot be undone!

Note: The following instructions are to discard an entire submission. To discard a modification, see here.


How to Discard a Submission

To discard a submission, navigate to the IRB page by selecting the “IRB tab” at the top left corner of the screen. Next, select the “In-Review tab” to display submissions. Then, select the submission that will be discarded. Make sure that you are in the appropriate submission so that you are discarding the appropriate submission. For example, if you wish to discard a modification, be sure that you do NOT discard the entire study.

IRB tab.png

In review tab.png


After locating the appropriate submission, select “Discard” in the “Next Steps” menu. A warning will appear. To remove the submission permanently proceed to discard.

Discard submission.png

Discard warning message


Once discarded the submission will move to the “Archived” tab. 

Archived tab.png


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