Office for Research Protections Directory

Administrative Support Assistant

Education and Quality Management Program Assistant

Director of Research Education, Quality, and Integrity Program (EQUIP)

IACUC Training/Compliance Analyst

Senior HRPP Analyst

Animal, Biosafety and Isotopes (ABI) Program Assistant

IRB Education Coordinator

Administrative Support Coordinator/Office Manager

IRB Assistant Director, Full Board Team

Administrative Support Coordinator

Director of the IRB Program

Research Ethics and Compliance Educator

Assistant Director of Research Quality & Integrity

HRPP Coordinator

HRPP Coordinator

Executive Director of HRPP

IACUC Administrator

Quality Management Coordinator

Assistant Director of the IRB Program

Research Integrity Assistant

Research Integrity Analyst

Senior IRB Analyst

Education Coordinator

Faculty Consulting Analyst

HRPP Assistant Director, Reliance and Regulatory Support

Senior IRB Analyst

Director of the Conflict of Interest Program

IBC/UIC Program Analyst

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Unmanned Aircraft (UA) Operations Manager and Compliance Analyst

Assistant Vice President for Research

Associate Vice President for Research
Director, Research Protections