The Diving Control Board

The Diving Control Board

The Diving Control (safety) Board has autonomous and absolute authority over the operations of the Penn State Scientific Diving Program. Functions of the Board are:

  1. Approves and monitors diving projects.
  2. Reviews and revises the diving safety manual.
  3. Assures compliance with the manual.
  4. Certifies Scientific Divers for the Penn State Science Diving Program.
  5. Certifies depths to which a diver has been trained.
  6. Takes disciplinary action for unsafe practices.
  7. Assures adherence to the buddy system for scuba diving.


Membership of the Board includes:

  1. A Chairperson elected by the Board.
  2. The University Dive Safety Officer (DSO).
  3. A representative from each unit actively involved in scientific diving for research or education.
  4. A representative (dive instructor) from the Kinesiology scuba diving program.
  5. Director of Research Protections.


Current Members:

  1. Chair. Robert Crane, Professor Geography, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  2. DSO. Dr. Timothy White, Research Professor, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
  3. Jay Stauffer, Professor of Ichthyology, School of Forest Resources
  4. Candice A. Yekel, Associate Vice President for Research and Director of Research Protections, Office for Research Protections
  5. Iliana Baums, Department of Biology


Other Faculty Active in the Program

  1. Todd LaJeunesse, Department of Biology
  2. Dr. Lee Kump, Department of Geosciences
  3. Lee Newsom, Department of Anthropology
  4. Russ Graham, Director, EMS Museum
  5. Jennifer Macalady, Department of Geosciences
  6. Ann Killebrew, Department of Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies