HRPP Advisory Committee

The HRPP Advisory Committee, formed in 2021 as part of the IRB transformation, consists primarily of active researchers from across the University. This committee plays an integral role in advising on key changes for the HRPP and facilitating productive discussion amongst their colleagues and departments. The goals of the Committee include:

  • gathering honest feedback on the transformation,
  • identifying issues in review processes,
  • and assessing the HRPP’s progress and success towards the identified goals.

HRPP Advisory Committee Membership


Debra Thurley, Assistant Vice President for Research

Dr. Zachary Simmons, Vice Chair for Research and Professor of Neurology

HRPP Advsiory Committee Membership

Committee Member

Departmental Title



Dr. Peter Arnett Psychology UP
Dr. Michael Bernstein Psychological & Social Science Abington
Dr. Valerie Brown Pediatric Hematology & Oncology COM
Dr. Melissa Butt Family and Community Medicine COM
Dr. David Conroy Kinesiology UP
Dr. Laura Cruz Schreyer Institute - Teaching Excellence UP
Dr. Ian Gilchrist HVI COM
Dr. Patricia Gordon Human Genetics COM
Dr. Helene Hopfer Food Science UP
Dr. Jen Kraschnewski Internal Medicine COM
Ms. Rachel Lally Office for Research Protections
Dr. Benjamin Levi Pediatrics COM
Dr. Jennie Noll Health and Human Development UP
Dr. Zachary Simmons Neurology COM
Ms. Debra Thurley Office for Research Protections
Ms. Candy Yekel Office for Research Protections

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