COVID-19: Human Subjects

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Updates on COVID-19: Human Subjects (IRB)

Updated 12/13/22

Starting December 13, 2022, the Revised Standards for In-Person Human Subjects Research are no longer in effect. Study teams are strongly encouraged to follow Best Practices for Conducting In-person Human Subjects Research (or see below). Moving forward, in-person research no longer requires review by the COVID Safety Committee via InfoReady. Studies previously approved through InfoReady are encouraged to continue the practices outlined in their protocols.


Best Practices for In-person Research

  • Vaccination: It is strongly recommended that study staff be fully vaccinated (full regimen, including boosters).

  • Screening: Participants should be screened for transmissible viruses and diseases, such as COVID and influenza. Follow University or COM screening scripts.

  • Clean and disinfect: Study teams utilize standard cleaning procedures, particularly for shared surfaces and equipment.

  • Masking: Study teams should utilize masking as appropriate, particularly during times of high transmission. 

    • At the College of Medicine and Penn State Health, participants and study staff must be masked at all times.