IACUC Trainings and Occupational Medical Assessment

The Pennsylvania State University requires that faculty, staff, technicians, students, volunteers and visitors working with animals in activities at or under the auspices of Penn State must complete the appropriate IACUC training and Occupational Health Medical Assessment for personnel involved with animal care and use.  Note: Researchers at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Penn State College of Medicine should access information about their IACUC training requirements on the Infonet. 

The Office for Research Protections (ORP), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Compliance Program offers the required IACUC training for those who are working with animals via CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative).  

  • The CATS IACUC Submission training gives a step-by-step overview of how to prepare a submission for IACUC review using the Centralized Application Tracking (CATS) system. This training is applicable to researchers located at the University Park campus, Penn State Health/College of Medicine campus and all other Penn State campuses and locations. Topics covered include: how to build out substances, procedures, and a protocol, as well as common mistakes found in IACUC submissions. 
  • CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) 
  • The Department of Occupational Medicine must identify any individuals' health conditions that could be aggravated or worsened by exposure to animals through work, study or research at or under the auspices of Penn State: Occupational Health Assessment for Animal Care Personnel (required every three years)
  • The Animal Resource Program (ARP) offers the Rodent Surgery Training Tutorial, required prior to performing rodent surgical procedures at Penn State: Rodent Surgery Training Tutorial
  •  The Animal Resource Program (ARP) also offers additional ARP training and workshops.