Modifications to Study Team Members

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Study Team Members can be added, deleted, or modified (undergoing a role change) after a study has been approved by the IRB through a modification. Anyone listed on the study can prepare changes to the study; however, only the PI or PI Proxy can submit the change. PIs are responsible for maintaining the study team members listed on the study and ensuring that study team members have met the study training requirements.  

For exempt studies, study team changes only need to be submitted if there is a change to the PI or advisor.

When making a change to Study Team Members, verify that new members have completed the required IRB training in CITI. If the study team is required to have an HRP 509 -Study Team Member Qualification form on file in CATS IRB, this form should be revised and uploaded as an “Update.“ This is in addition to making the required adjustments in CATS IRB as detailed below.  If the study no longer requires an HRP-509, Remove the HRP-509 document from the CATS IRB system during your study team member modification.  The form can only be accessed during a study team member modification. For more information about when study teams are required to have the HRP-509 on file in CATS IRB, please see the first page of the HRP-509 form, which can be found in the CATS IRB Library.  Study Team Member changes may also require a change to other study documents of the submission, such as protocol, consent documents, and recruitment materials. These documents should be revised as part of the modification.

Begin a Modification for Study Team Members

To begin, review the resource on submitting a modification. Once a modification has been started, select the “Study team member information” check box for the modification scope.

If the Principal Investigator is being changed, select BOTH the “Study team member information” and “Other parts of the study.” In addition to revising HRP-509, the new PI must be updated in the “Basic Information” section and study materials (protocol, consent form, recruitment materials, etc).  Until the new PI is approved, the previous PI is still the acting PI and will continue to be listed on the study. Note: The listed PI and PI proxy are the only individuals able to submit.

Picture of option to create Study Team Modification


Picture of Modification information page in CATS IRB

Next, complete the modification information. List the names of the study team members being added or removed in “Summarize the modifications.”


Changing Study Team Members


To change a study team member’s role, select the “Update” button to the left of their name.

To add a study team member, select “Add.” New study team members must be approved before engaging in the research.

To remove a study team member, select the “X” on the right of his or her name.

Note: If a new member is added to the study team, their qualifications must added HRP-509 and a new version must be uploaded.

Click “Save and Exit” once all Study Team Member updates are complete. Remember to click the “Submit” button to send the modification to the IRB for review.  Steps to submit and confirm submission can be found here.

Picture of how to add or update a Study Team member


Note: Remember to upload a revised HRP-509: Study Team Member Qualification Template with new and removed study team members. This MUST be done in addition to updating study team members on the study team page in CATS IRB. Question 1 on HRP-509 is where the PI information should be listed.