Request to Fly Resources

Anyone wishing to fly a drone on Penn State University property or for a University-affiliated activity (e.g., research projects, departmental needs, etc.) must first submit a Drone Request to Fly and must receive approval from the Drone Operations Analyst prior to operations. 

Submit a UA Request to Fly

Submissions will need to go through our online management system called Drones Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS). Select "sign in", enter your Penn State email address, continue, and select "Penn State" as the organization and/or enter your Penn State WebAccess credentials to authenticate. Note for third party requests: Must register for a Penn State account. When this has been created, email your user name to to finalize the process. Please submit your request to fly at least one week in advance. 


The resources below offer guidance for navigating the online submission system.

Video Tutorials (in chronological order)

Managing Pilot
Managing Aircraft
Submitting a Flight Request
Submit Report (required for each flight)
Flight Approval and Report Review